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I just love emotional moments, from tear-evoking first looks to romantic vow exchanges with handwritten notes. Witnessing intimate elopements and celebrating PNW weddings with romantic wedding photography is such a joy for me!

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I contacted Vannessa, wondering if she offered or did any mentoring sessions, as I was all googly eyed for her beautiful work. Boy, was I lucky when she told me that she was in the middle of putting things in place for a workshop! I was anxious to get signed and learn all I could from someone as talented as she is. And as a bonus, I got to shoot a couple session for sweet Angela and George. I learned so much during my one-on-one with her and during our live shoot. Vannessa is a wonderful photographer who shared so much information with me. She genuinely cares about others and she’s definitely someone that I’ll always look up to.




Angela & George | Couple’s Session | Sumner Wedding Photographer


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