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January 16, 2021

Couple under veil

Catholic Winter Wonderland Wedding | Tina & Chris

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Winter Wonderland Themed Catholic Wedding in Bonney Lake, Washington

These two lovely souls went to middle and high school together, even graduated together. Tina knew that Chris was a quiet, but kind guy! She asked him to be her graduation walking buddy, but after that they fell out of touch and didn’t connect until over a decade later. Which brings us to their wedding day. The universe brought these two together and they have both brought happiness, calm, peace, and laughter in each other lives. Check out their engagement session.

If you Had to Choose Three Words or Emotions to Describe your Wedding, Waht Would They Be?

Love, happiness & celebration!

How and Where Did the Groom Propose? Was it a Complete Surprise?

We were in Walla Walla. Chris was playing in a golf tournament. He carried the ring around in his pocket the whole weekend. I imagine getting the nerve to ask me at different times, or just not wanting it to leave his safety! I had walked the course with him, watching him play. I had no clue he had it. He finally popped the question at our hotel after dinner. He acted like he was picking something up off the floor and he turned around and had it in his hand. I was super surprised, which is what he hoped for.

Tell Me About the “Spark”….what’s your Love Story?

I never really understood the spark before. Now I do, or maybe I could call it this force or pull towards each other if you will. It’s hard to describe. I found an old graduation picture of Chris and I together before we had reconnected. It was this strange feeling. I barely knew Chris and hadn’t talked to him (and barely talked way back) yet I had this sense of some gravitational pull to him if you will! I will never forget it, and I only recently told Chris about it. We had first started seeing each other during tricky times in life. He had tried to get into the PGA for many years, chasing the tour. He did mini tours and came within a few strokes several times to get into the PGA. He had thought of stopping chasing the tour for awhile after losing a sponsor. Then after meeting me he decided to stay close to home and teach his love of golf instead, and compete more locally. When we first met, I was struggling to keep my ex husband at bay, trying to save my home and stay in hygiene school, and my Mom was struggling with my Step Dad dying of throat cancer. It wasn’t the picture perfect start to be honest. It was too chaotic on my end. I was not experienced in the dating scene and did not have the time and patience. We tried to break it off. During that time, Chris’s Mom had lost her battle with Alzheimers. It broke my heart, his Dad had long been gone. I lost my home, and was not able to keep up in school and had to step out and lose years of work. Anyways! TMIF, and that was the short version, LOL! We were there for each other during some times that were hard in the beginning of our new relationship. That’s life sometimes. I’m just even more so grateful everyday that we worked through them together and have each other

Bride: Interests/Hobbies/Favorite Things to Do as a Couple?

I love anything in the outdoors! I walk, run, hike when I can. I love time with my family, and have enjoyed a bit of traveling with the boys. I enjoy barre and piyo classes when I can too. I am trying to learn golf from Chris, but I am a tough student LOL. I’m not so great! I enjoy hiking with him when there is time, and recently we have enjoyed having time to jog and walk together in the neighborhood. I have enjoyed morning coffee on the porch together during quarantine too.

Groom: Interests/Hobbies/Favorite Things to Do as a Couple?

He likes to compete in golf tournaments, loves all sports. We have enjoyed husky games with friends, and some hiking when we can. We enjoy the various Swiss Park events together that Chris grew up going to. We even did a golf tournament together and did ok. I totally carried him. Hah! We both hope to do some traveling in the future.

Who Said ” I Love You” First?

We can’t remember! So funny!

Bride: What’s Something You Love About the Groom?

From the beginning his calmness, patience, friendly nature and belief in God. He is also silly and I absolutely love that. He makes me laugh daily and always has me smiling. His handsome face still melts me. I love that he cares for my children and has been a positive presence in their lives.

Groom: What’s Something You Love About the Bride?

He says: How kind and thoughtful I am to others. He says that I am beautiful and he loves my smile. 🙂 That I believe in God. Willingness to try knew things, and that I am adventurous. (I had no idea I was adventurous! haha)!

Farewell Wishes from the Photographer

I wish these two lovely souls the best this lifetime has to offer. I’m convinced their love for each other will carry into another lifetime. Thanks so much for entrusting me with your wedding day memories!

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