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Marriage is one of the most beautiful things one experiences in life. For someone who has been dreaming about their “Big Day”: it sucks how fast Monday blues escalated into COVID-19 Pandemic blues within a blink of an eye! After all, this is life we’re talking about, and it’s anything but predictable!

This whole situation is awful! But there’s no way out except to sit at home and plan it all out. You can wallow in a pity party or start arranging things for when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. If you think you’re not going to survive this, remember love conquers all. The world has seen many setbacks that pushed the wedding season to some other date in the future.

COVID-19 Pandemic and Planning a Wedding in 2020

The heading sounds like the title of a movie, but hey! After all, this is over; you will have some exciting wedding stories to narrate to your children and grandchildren. You will have a whole new perspective about life and relationship and cherish every moment with your family. As stated, love conquers all, and it will surely get you through these dreadful situations too.

Are you planning to cancel it all out?

That would be a huge decision, even bigger than deciding to propose or saying “yes” to the proposal.

With all the governments announcing an indefinite lockdown and discouraging social gatherings, you can stay home and reschedule your wedding date and move on. ‘Where there is a will, there is a way,’ that said, you’ll definitely find an alternative to rearrange and make it one of the most beautiful days of your life.

COVID-19 has only postponed the inevitable union of love; it is going to happen, if not today, then someday soon. It is your wedding we’re talking about, the day when you’ll finally commit to the love of your life, till death does you apart. If you’re not going to regret it ten years down the track, you’re welcome to cancel it out, or you can pull up your socks and get to work.

For Those Who are Ready to Change the Dates

Being optimistic in every situation makes it easier to cross an unsteady bridge. In fact, the rescheduling is going to help all the small businesses who contribute to making your special day even better with their service. You are not only going to make a smart decision for yourself but also support the people who are greatly affected by this COVID-19 pandemic.

Elope Now, Reception Later

Something many couples are considering during this challenging time is eloping. Rather than have the big expensive wedding, consider spending some money on holiday. While travelling overseas may be out of the question, think about somewhere local. Or if you can wait, then plan an overseas holiday while you are in isolation.

Then when everything gets back to normal throw a big reception and invite everyone! Make sure you engage with a professional wedding photographer when planning your elopement because no doubt everyone at the reception will want to see what you got up to on your travels!

Call up your Vendors

In the meantime, while you are isolated, the very first thing you need to do is discuss the probable impact of the pandemic on your wedding with your wedding organizers. If you already have a wedding planner, you can trust them to handle the calls and rearrange everything on your behalf.

But, if in case you don’t, reach out to the vendors and venue personally over a call and let them know about your decision to reschedule. Mostly, everyone will be willing to reschedule and decide the potential dates and timing of the future. Plan out meetings immediately after the situation is normal.

Note that the rescheduling may hike up some of the prices, mainly if they had already begun the work. In that case, try to understand and reason with them and negotiate something upon which you both can agree.

Contact your Guests

The essential thing about the wedding is to celebrate it with all the near and dear ones. So the next step that you take should be to call up your guests and inform them about the rescheduling. You can send emails, text messages, or post an update on social media platforms and tell your friends and families and get a confirmation if they have received the details (don’t forget to leave a ‘stay safe’ wish at the end).

If the invitation cards, messages, ecards are ready, make sure you change the dates before sending it.

Assess your Insurance Policy

If you already have wedding insurance, check if it will cover your rescheduling expenses. Every plan is different, so you can contact your insurance agent to see if they can help you do something about it. If you do not have wedding insurance, you can check with the agent if you can get it done now. Although it’s rare, maybe the Covid-19 situation can facilitate some concessions and review the insurance plans.

Flexibility is the Key

Since you’re already rescheduling the wedding date, you can be flexible about the dates and choose a convenient time for everyone. Consider the schedule for your guests and the availability of the venue and vendors. If you’re making the changes, select a date that is comfortable for everyone. If there was something that you thought was missing, this is your opportunity to fix it.

Bottles of Bubbles and Original Dates

After all the rearrangements, take a moment to bask in reality and feel what you need to feel. Get your champagne bottles out and celebrate the original date. The date for which you have been working tirelessly to make it the best. Take your time and be happy on your wedding day, because no matter what, you’re going to remember it forever. Might as well celebrate it and mark it as one of the memorable days of your life.

Love Conquers All

When you feel that you don’t have the energy to go on with all the changes, remember you’re not alone. Many have lost their lives and families to this COVID-19 pandemic and many who are adversely affected. Pray for the health and wellness of your loved ones and the whole world who is fighting against it.

Let us hope that everything will finally get back to normal, and you can unite with the love of your life. Everything will eventually get back to how it was; the only thing that will have changed is our perspective on the world, love, and family. Whatever we took for granted before this will find new respect in our lives.

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