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I just love emotional moments, from tear-evoking first looks to romantic vow exchanges with handwritten notes. Witnessing intimate elopements and celebrating PNW weddings with romantic wedding photography is such a joy for me!

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Mr. & Mrs. Stowers Got married at the Five Sisters Farm in Eatonville, Washington. They had a rustic, floral, and antique theme for their wedding day. The ceremony was short and sweet and they spent alot of time with their friends and family. They had a beautiful sparkler exit to end the wedding.

Brandon and Ashley met at a summer camp when they were in high school. He had a huge crush on Ashley and would follow her around at camp. They eventually became friends and that’s when Brandon made his move and told Ashley he wanted to date her. It took a few months, but Ashley finally said yes to going steady once Brandon gave her a pound of chocloate with a heart attached that checkboxes with yes or no on it. They’ve been unseperable since and finally tied the knot! It was a beautiful union full of happiness and love! I wish these two beautiful souls the best that life has to offer.

Feel free to check out their beautiful engagement session that was done at The Gold Creek Pond by clicking here.


Five Sisters Farm | Mr. & Mrs. Stowers | Eatonville Wedding Photographer


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