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May 20, 2020

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My Pacific Northwest Wedding Venue Bucket List

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Pacific Northwest Wedding Photographer’s Wedding Venue Bucket List

The Pacific Northwest is teeming with incredible wedding venues. It’s the place to be if you’re set on having a wedding that’s beautiful in every way, and especially on having unforgettable views and beautiful photos. And it’s not just betrothed couples that get excited about what these venues have to offer. As a Tacoma-Seattle wedding and elopement photographer, I have my own list of wedding venues, where I would love to help happy couples celebrate their special day. Some of the best wedding venues in Washington are on my bucket list, so here’s a look at some of the places I would love to photograph.

The Gray Bridge Venue in Sultan, WA

Gray Bridge Venue is a stunning location offering a natural setting for weddings. It’s named after the bridge that crosses their natural pool, but the entire venue is a huge three acres (on a 16-acre property). It has a variety of features around the venue that provide perfect photo opportunities, from the paved pool deck to the waterfront amphitheater. I love the idea of exploring everything that this rural but sophisticated venue has to offer. There’s a forest and wetland backdrop, and the Cascade Mountains are visible in the distance too.

Gray Bridge Venue has a great mix of different environments. With water, trees, and mountains to inspire me, some amazing photography has to come out of a wedding at this venue. And if that’s not enough, Business Insider even highlighted the venue as the best one in the state of Washington.

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The Kelley Farm Wedding Venue in Bonney Lake, Puyallup, WA

The Kelley Farm has rustic charm but plenty of glamor too. Their barn is an open space with high ceilings and lots of luscious lighting. The barn on its own would be reason enough to make me want to spend some time there with my camera, but there’s a lot more to explore too. It’s a venue that looks beautiful throughout the seasons, whether it’s snow-topped trees in the winter or blooming flowers in the summer. There are two main spots for ceremonies, the barn and the garden, which both offer photo-worthy backdrops.

As well as the barn and garden, there are several other picturesque places that are perfect for photos around the farm. The patio can also be used for ceremonies or cocktail hour, while the Bridal Cottage and Groom’s Quarters are perfect for a getting-ready photo session before the big event.

Black Diamond Gardens Wedding Venue in Black Diamond, WA

At Black Diamond Gardens, there is greenery everywhere you turn. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces are verdant and lively. The venue is packed full of unique locations that are just as perfect for a photo session as they are for a wedding. They have a reception greenhouse, a main lawn and flower gardens, a gazebo, pavilion, and a shaded meadow with lush gardens. There’s also a dock and boat on their pond, plus the bridal suite is a historical coal miner’s log cabin. Not only is the venue an incredible place for wedding photos, but every weekend wedding also includes the use of the venue for a two-hour engagement shoot.

This venue has a brilliant rustic look, but it’s also super sophisticated and really fun. It has such a broad range of locations for celebrations that I’m sure will result in fantastic wedding photos.

Lord Hill Farms Wedding Venue in Snohomish, WA

This venue is available for large weddings, which is one of the reasons I’m sure it would be awesome to photograph a wedding there. They have space for ceremonies with up to 350 guests, either indoors or outdoors, and receptions with up to 450 guests. But it’s not just the size of the venue that makes it attractive. Indoors, they have jaw-dropping views of the Cascades, Snohomish Valley, and the venue’s own grounds, while outside, you can enjoy the views along with their landscaped grounds and picnic sites.

Lord Hill Farms has multiple, private locations for your Snohomish wedding photographer to perfectly capture your big day. Anyone who wants to make things larger than life should put this venue on their shortlist, and invite me along if you want to make sure that every detail is documented, from the wood-panel dancefloor and gold Chiavari chairs to the smiles on everyone’s faces.

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Twin Willow Gardens Wedding Venue in Snohomish, WA

The Willow Gardens is a dream for any PNW elopement photographer. The special venue looks like a cross between a fairy garden and a festival site, with lovely forest paths leading guests from one location to another. The hand-built Cedar Chapel is an outdoor setting for ceremonies that’s perfect for your woodland fantasy wedding, while the gardens, tented reception area, and patio provide more spaces for you to celebrate your nuptials. This garden venue has a really dreamy look, which is perfect for anyone that wants a relaxed wedding (and wedding photos) inspired by nature.

The structures that have been built blend right into the luscious greenery of the gardens, from reception tables sitting right on the grass to wooden cabin-style buildings. The venue provides lots of great little details to get the look of your wedding just right, too, including tiki torches, crystal chandeliers, and glass-topped wine barrels.

Green Gates at Flowing Lake Wedding Venue in Snohomish, WA

Two things immediately stand out to me at Green Gates at Flowing Lake: the lake, of course, and the venue’s gorgeously green lawn. And that’s before you get to the converted equestrian riding area that is now their ballroom reception area, the reconstructed groom’s cabin, cute bridal cottage, wood-paneled bar, and lovely rose garden. This venue is located in an area with a rich history, and Green Gates is doing a lot to try and keep it alive. They have wooden rowboats on display, which were originally rented out at the Wonderland Park Resort, and their bridal cottage was originally a horse barn.

Green Gates at Flowing Lake has a wonderful view of the lake over the lush lawn, and locations galore to get some incredible wedding snaps. Even the venue owners themselves admit that the venue is a photographer’s delight!

Woodland Meadow Farms Wedding Venue in Snohomish, WA

Woodland Meadow Farms is one of two venues owned by the same people. While their other venue, Dairyland, offers barn weddings, Woodland Meadow Farms brings you a backyard-style folksy wedding. This summer-only venue looks like a great choice if you’re a couple with no-nonsense taste, but you’re still looking for something special for your wedding day. It’s the ideal escape for a Tacoma wedding photographer looking for the chance to frolic through the fields and trees, instead of being stuck in the city. The relaxed venue includes a reception tent with drapes and chandeliers, farm tables and folding chairs, a fire pit, and two changing areas.

The list of amenities might sound fairly basic, but the venue definitely has plenty to offer in terms of aesthetics. You can plan your wedding to use the backdrop of the farm in any way that you want.

Farm 12 Wedding Venue in Puyallup, WA

If you’re looking for something a little different, Farm 12 is a restaurant and events venue that knows how to put on a banquet. They offer the use of rustic barns, their elegant event hall, and outdoor space with views of Mount Rainier so that couples can customize their weddings. This Seattle elopement photographer would definitely love to see how their Loveland Greenhouse can be transformed from its blank, white canvas to a super sophisticated wedding spot. There’s space for more than 500 guests in some of their locations too, so it could be the right choice for your epic wedding.

This venue is an excellent option for your country-chic wedding if the look you’re going for includes high rafters, wooden barrels, rustic flower arrangements, and farm tables. You can also get all of your catering from the venue, whether you want a buffet or separate courses.

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Rock Creek Gardens Wedding Venue in Puyallup, WA

The 20-acre garden estate of Rock Creek Gardens is full of photo opportunities. From the pre-wedding photoshoot location to their rowboat, two-story wedding party house, and even the wooden playground they have for kids, there’s a diverse choice of settings for your wedding and wedding photos. If you’re getting married here, use their exclusive two-day addition and make sure your Seattle wedding photographer captures the sparkler exit that comes with the package. It also includes a rehearsal dinner on the terrace and fabric draping for the pergola to give it that luxurious look.

Whether you’re planning a large wedding or you need a venue for your small ceremony or elopement, Rock Creek Gardens gives you a beautifully landscaped outdoor location. With the possibility of private use of the gardens, I’d love to shoot a wedding here.

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The Five2Five Wedding Venue in Buckley, WA

The Five2Five is one wedding venue that has an indoor space that’s just as stunning as its outdoor space. The beautiful jade green exterior of their indoor reception hall welcomes you in with wrought-iron double doors, opening out to a warm and welcoming space with dark wood accents. The stone fireplace is a stand-out feature, which is definitely a top location for a Tacoma-Seattle wedding and elopement photographer to get some great shots, as well as the perfect backdrop to an indoor wedding ceremony. Other little spaces indoors should be amazing for a photoshoot too, like the charming upstairs Bridal Suite and the loft and balcony.

Outside, French doors open up onto a patio, and there’s also a lush green lawn, where a tent can be set up, and a paved approach to the pergola, used for outdoor ceremonies. Everything is neatly groomed, so the venue would suit couples looking for sophistication.

Laurel Creek Manor Wedding Venue in Sumner, WA

You know that a venue called Laurel Creek Manor is going to be a glamorous place to get married. During the winter, the manor house is used for intimate weddings, while summer and fall weddings get use of the venue both inside and out. The house itself looks like it could make any couple and their guests feel at home, with lots of rooms to explore both downstairs and upstairs. The outdoor space has an impressive patio where the tent sits for weddings during the warmer months, plus a DJ booth and bar. The arbor looks like the perfect spot for an outdoor ceremony and some lovely photos.

Further into the 5-acre estate, there are fields, gardens, and a beautiful historic barn. All of these locations are incredible opportunities for photos at any time of the day, especially if you want to capture some nice sunset shots.

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The Orting Manor Wedding Venue in Orting, WA

This converted Victorian house is just downright charming. The inside of the house is bright and airy, with a fresh color scheme and plenty of chic furniture. Up to 10 guests can stay in the house, with a honeymoon suite and three extra bedrooms, plus another double bed in the pool house (perfect for your wedding photographer, maybe?) One of the best things about this venue is that it’s hired out for two days for weddings. So if you’re looking for an intimate elopement and wedding photographer for soulful couples, you will have all the time you need to capture some candid photos.

The outdoor space includes everything from a beautiful ceremony spot to tents with drapery, chandeliers, and string lights that can be set up anywhere on the property. You can turn this venue into your own and create a super intimate experience over a whole two days.

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