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I just love emotional moments, from tear-evoking first looks to romantic vow exchanges with handwritten notes. Witnessing intimate elopements and celebrating PNW weddings with romantic wedding photography is such a joy for me!

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Perfect Hours for a Photoshoot

Photoshoots are like art; the right time to shoot is like having the perfect color of paint to make a beautiful scenic painting. Many of you might have unique angles and editing skills; however, the touch of natural light remains the undisputed king of a perfect shoot. Here are some times of the day you can choose from to get your golden shot.

1) Blue Hour

You should be with your camera from dusk till dawn to grasp this opportunity of the two blue hours. For the most stunning pastel look, these hours work like a charm. The low contrast and light casts give you a perfect undertone. The sun rays peeking through the horizon result in a subdued shot. These images are the ideal choice for warm filters.

2) Golden Hour

The magic hour is here to turn your wedding shot more dramatic with the short red and pink sky and the golden rays of the sun softly touching your face. Photographers, you need to be ready with lighting equipment. The great wash of colors is a visual delight. You might not even have to use any filters!

3) Noon

I know, I know. This hour can be slightly intimidating for newbies because the sunrays strike straight down and are undiffused. But flat surfaces look unreal during this hour, like water or glass. So the light reflecting from a mirror or the transparent, clean water of the ocean and lakes is a fantastic shot.

4) Mid-mornings and Afternoons

For a yellow-orange sky that works like wonder for your skin tone, you should choose this hour for a shoot. Yes, it might get a bit warm, but the pictures will be worth every bit of it. The harsh shadows vanish along with the excessive brown highlights.

During this hour, the world is your oyster! But you need to be cautious and use a suitable frame and composition. Why? Well, let’s just say the lighting is a tad bit flat, so you won’t see enhanced features.

5) Night Time

Here is a challenge for you because the moon is the only light, and sadly, it isn’t enough to enhance a photograph. So many couples and photographers shy away from the night hour. But shooters and camera settings sort this one out for you.

You will feel more liberated as a photographer because you can pick the light source you like. Laps, flashes, street lights, car lights, whatever you desire! These glamour shots are worth remembering, and you will surely forget the trouble when you set sight on the perfect elegant night shots.

With all these perfect hours of the day under your belt, you can start your photography sessions, newbies! And all the couples out there, pick your dream shoot hour and go for a perfect shoot.

Perfect Hours for a Photoshoot

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