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I just love emotional moments, from tear-evoking first looks to romantic vow exchanges with handwritten notes. Witnessing intimate elopements and celebrating PNW weddings with romantic wedding photography is such a joy for me!

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Tips To Use Natural Light

Who doesn’t love the dreamy natural light portraits? They are an absolute delight for the photographer because nothing beats how natural light adjusts brightness and contrasts. A photographer only needs to make specific tweaks, and they get the perfect portrait!

Find Different Shadows!

Shadows make the image a piece of art. You don’t have to run around to find a shade; work with the best you have in natural light. They are a fantastic way to enhance the features of the bride and groom. Go with the essential items at home and surroundings like curtains, flowers, branches, and hats to get a shadow look.

Work With Beautiful Backgrounds

To take full advantage of natural light, you should always rush to appealing backgrounds. Imagine taking a perfect shot with the best angle, and then an off-putting location acts as a killer. An ideal location in natural light is the ideal combo for your wedding couple and their portraits.

Let Your Creativity Flow

When you have natural light but the elements to make the portrait magical are missing, you might lose heart. But that’s not the right thing to do. Instead, get up and use your creativity. You don’t have to buy expensive items. Instead, get bubble wands, flowers, silly strings, and confetti to add life to the shot and see how natural light enhances it!

Natural Light & The Golden Hour

Many of you might agree that the golden hour is best when it comes to chasing natural light. The sunshine softens, and the light strikes the right features of the couple. It works well as a background light and even a gentle source of light over the entire shot. This hour of natural light allows you to experiment with panoramas, compositions, poses, and different expressions for the right-click.

Time To Use A Reflector

Natural light sure makes a mind of its own, but you can always manipulate it and use it to get the desired shot. For example, use reflectors to light up the couple’s faces and add that extra hint of a soft glow to every photo!

Bottom Line

As I always say, working with light might be tricky and can take some time as far as shoots are concerned. If you are a newbie, don’t beat yourself up; it takes some time for photographers to grasp such tricks to manipulate natural light. But once you get the hang of it, your shots will be magical!

Tips To Use Natural Light

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