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July 21, 2021

Laurel Creek Wedding venue

Vendor Spotlight – Laurel Creek Manor | Sumner Wedding Venue

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Laurel Creek Manor Wedding Venue in Sumner, Washington

If you’re looking for a love story to live by, with all the details and emotions captured and frozen for eternity, Lessie Blue Photography is here to help!

I value timeless memories and promise to capture them in unique ways to make sure they’re cherished for generations to come. Seeing that I provide amazing photography for PNW couples, I work with other professional wedding vendors to tell even better stories!

There can be no wedding without a wedding venue. But, like most couples, I truly believe the essence of a wedding isn’t captured except if it’s hosted in a gorgeous wedding venue.

That’s why I loved capturing a wedding at Laurel Creek Manor. It’s a remodeled 1917 estate found by Laurel Cabodi when she sought a beautiful location for her son’s wedding.

Laurel Creek Manor has since become a family-owned business with over 14 years of experience and 14 years of happy couples! Join me this week as I welcome them in my vendor spotlight series!

Laurel Creek Mano
  • What Types of Services Do They Offer?

Laurel Creek Manor is an elegant estate riddled with beautiful gardens, which makes it fabulous for weddings.

Amongst their outstanding services are the reception tent and light canopy for weddings from May to October. The tents come with twinkle lights, white fabric draping, and crystal chandelier decorations!

  • What Amenities Are Included?

With the Laurel Creek Manor, you get to enjoy:

  1. 1-hour free rehearsal
  2. 1-hour on-site planning session
  3. Exclusive use of the estate
  4. Two private dressing rooms with A/C and restrooms
  5. Indoor restroom for guests
  6. The Laurel Creek Castle – a playground for kids amongst other amenities you’d get to enjoy.
  • Are There Other Packages?

Yes, of course! Laurel Creek Manor offers elopement packages that include the “elopement only” and “elope and dine.” The former provides a 2-3 hour option for the reception and photos with a maximum number of 30 guests. The latter offers a 6-hour option for a ceremony, photos, and catered dinner with 30 guests.

Amongst these unique features of the Laurel Creek Manor is the professional Fireworks Show. It’s also a part of the elopement packages but an optional and spectacular way to say “I Do!”

Get a venue as unique as the Laurel Creek Manor and merge it with the expertise of Lessie Blue Photography to get the perfect wedding!

I love working in this ancient wedding venue that has only aged like fine wine. With Lessie Blue Photography, you’re sure to get lovely and timeless photos from your big day!

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