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April 5, 2023

Beautiful wedding cake, baked by one of the top wedding cake bakers in Seattle, WA.

Top 25 Wedding Cake Bakers in Seattle

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Top 25 Wedding Cake Bakers in Seattle

There are few things I enjoy more than a beautiful – and delicious – wedding cake. While some couples have gone away with the traditional wedding cake and opted for alternative creative desserts like donuts and pies, there’s just nothing quite as timeless as a multi-tier wedding cake. As a Seattle wedding photographer, I personally love when couples personalize their wedding cake to their wedding day, whether that be with florals, unique piping of the icing, or even custom figures standing on the top-tier. 

Top 25 Wedding Cake Bakers in Seattle, WA.

If you’re recently engaged – congratulations! – and are currently in search of the best cake baker for your wedding in Seattle, look no further. Seattle, Washington is one of the most beautiful places to get married and the city is filled with rich-in-talent wedding vendors, including cake bakers. In this blog post, I will share 25 wedding cake bakers in Seattle. From research online to viewing their cakes at previous weddings, I hope this list helps you find the perfect Seattle-based wedding cake baker!

  1. The Sweet Side
  2. Baked.
  3. Honey Crumb Cake Studio
  4. Creme de la Creme
  5. Hillcrest Bakery
  6. Sugar n Flakes Bakery
  7. Ruth-Anne Ford Cakes + Confections
  8. Celebrity Cake Studio
  9. Sweet Cakes Bakery
  10. The Cakewalk Shop
  11. Cafe Pettirosso
  12. Corina Bakery
  13. Flying Apron
  14. Macrina Bakery 
  15. Morfey’s Cake 
  16. Nuflours
  17. Sweet Life Cakery
  18. Sweet Themes Bakery
  19. Dimensional Desserts
  20. Cupcakes Like It Sweet
  21. Cascadia Cake Design
  22. Bella Bella Cupcakes
  23. Grain Artisan Bakery
  24. Mike’s Amazing Cakes
  25. Pisces Pies Baking Company
  1. The Sweet Side

Located in the heart of Seattle, WA, The Sweet Side is known for their signature drip cakes, pre-designed crafty cakes, incredible custom celebration cakes, and of course, wedding cakes! Through browsing their gallery of wedding cakes online, it appears The Sweet Side is the perfect Seattle-based wedding cake baker if you’re looking for a taller, multi-tier wedding cake. They bake and design hundreds of wedding cakes per year and it’s clear they put their heart and soul into their baked goods.

Tel: 206.547.2253

Known For: Luxury Wedding Cakes, Tall Wedding Cakes, Custom Wedding Cakes

  1. Baked.

Kristina Serfass founded Baked. in 2010 with partnering founder Natalie Vorpahl. After graduating from The Art Institute of Houston, Kristina traveled the world working in kitchens all over, and eventually settled down in Seattle, WA. It is evident that Baked has the ability to create custom wedding cakes for any bride and groom style. From rustic paint strokes to luxurious flowers, bright colors and clean, monotone tiers, I just know you won’t be disappointed working with them!

Tel: 206.307.4847

Known For: Custom Wedding Cakes

  1. Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Honey Crumb Cake Studio is a woman-owned and women-staffed boutique bakery, based in the heart of Seattle, WA. Having caught the eyes of publications like Martha Stewart, BRIDES, Magnolia Rouge, and Seattle Bride, Honey Crumb Cake Studio is a top choice for Seattle wedding cakes. They offer fine art wedding cakes, which are beautiful multi-tier wedding cakes featuring sugar flowers, all created by hand. They also offer a variety of classic wedding cake styles; including designing the frosting with a stucco look, pleated, smooth, semi-naked, or painted wedding cake. They truly can do it all! 

Tel: (425) 577-9220

Know For: Fine Art Wedding Cakes, Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes, Pleated Wedding Cakes, Stucco Wedding Cake 

  1. Creme de la Creme

Cakes By Creme de la Creme serves the greater Seattle, WA, Bellevue, WA, and the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Their cakes truly are the ‘creme de la creme’ – and their unique style, color choices, and customer testimonials truly do show their talent. If you’re looking for an artistic, high quality wedding cake in the Seattle area, look no further! 

Tel: 206.241.0249

Known For: Colorful Wedding Cakes, Unique Wedding Cakes

  1. Hillcrest Bakery

This family owned-and-operated business began in The Netherlands back in 1838, where the Kaskes Family – owners of Hillcrest Bakery – operated The Kaskes Bakery, which is still successful in The Netherlands. The family has three generations working at Hillcrest Bakery, and their talented craft and rich family history goes into each wedding cake they create. With options to decorate your wedding cake with fresh flowers, ribbons, cake toppers, multiple frosting options, cake flavors, and filling flavors, you’ll enjoy every bite of wedding cake from Hillcrest Bakery. 

Tel: (425) 486-5292

Known For: Family-Owned Business, Personalized Wedding Cakes 

  1. Sugar n Flakes Bakery

Located in Bellevue City Downtown, Sugar n Flakes Bakery offers a variety of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pastries, and even baking classes! My personal favorite is their wedding cake options, of course! Sugar n Flakes Bakery has a talented team that work closely with brides and grooms to decide design, theme, decoration, and general requirements. Whether you’d like multiple flavors in the different tiers or are hoping to have a cake tasting prior to deciding on your flavor, Sugar n Flakes Bakery is the way to go! 

Tel:  (206) 330-7277

Known For: Elegant Wedding Cakes, Dedicated-Team 

  1. Ruth-Anne Ford Cakes + Confections

Ruth-Anne attended L’Academie de Cuisine and has experience working under some of the top chefs in America. She returned to Seattle, WA in 2006 and gained experience in creating plated desserts for corporate events. Throughout the years, Ruth-Anne has been a freelance wedding cake baker and she now offers some of the most beautiful wedding cakes in the Seattle area. Always incorporating some sort of fresh flower or greenery, you cannot go wrong with Ruth-Anne’s cakes!

Tel: 206.293.1798

Known For: Gorgeous Wedding Cakes, Floral Wedding Cakes

  1. Celebrity Cake Studio

Celebrity Cake Studio is a family-owned and operated cake studio in Tacoma, WA. Their elegant wedding cakes are clearly a speciality, as their design efforts are incredible. Schedule a tasting with their studio today, and learn more about the cake flavors and fillings you can choose from! They even have a pumpkin spice flavored cake.. Where are my fall wedding brides at?

Tel: (253) 627-4773

Known For: Cake Flavors, Luxury Wedding Cakes 

  1. Sweet Cakes Bakery

Located in Kirkland, WA, Sweet Cakes Bakery is a woman-owned business that prides themselves on crafting their baked goods with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Sit back and relax, as Sweet Cakes Bakery does all of the work for you – a cake tasting, seamless delivery and cake setup service, and more! Plus, they have gluten-free wedding cake and vegan wedding cake options available!

Tel: (206) 208-1411

Known For: Gluten Free Wedding Cake, Vegan Wedding Cake, Woman-Owned Cake Baker in Seattle, WA

  1. The Cakewalk Shop

Owned by mother-daughter duo Tamara and Johanna, the two have been baking together for over 10 years. Wedding cakes are the core of their business and each cake is priced and crafted individually based on materials used and requested. If you’re looking for small-bites to go along with your wedding cake, The Cakewalk Shop offers add-ons to your wedding cake – from fruit tarts, macaron, cookies, mini pies, cupcakes, and layered shooters – there’s no shortage of desserts here! 

Tel: (425) 770 1128

Known For: Woman-Owned and Operated, Wedding Cake Add-Ons 

  1. Cafe Pettirosso

What began as a coffee cart, Café Pettirosso is now a full-service restaurant and café offering some of the most beautiful wedding cakes in the Seattle area. Read their incredible story on how they founded the café – it’s truly why I admire them so much! 

Tel: (206) 324-2233

Known For: Historic Cake Bakery 

  1. Corina Bakery

Located in Tacoma, WA, Corina Bakery is an award-winning option for your Seattle wedding cake. They offer an extensive menu, featuring gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free wedding cake options. Their wedding cake FAQ is extremely helpful in navigating the timeline for ordering your wedding cake, and as they say – the very first step is securing your date! Secure yours with Corina Bakery today. 

Tel: 253-627-5070

Known For: Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes, Vegan Wedding Cakes, Soy-Free Wedding Cakes

  1. Flying Apron

Founded in the early 2000’s, Flying Apron is one of the only cake bakeries that offers completely gluten-free and all plant-based sweets. It is the safest place to order from if you have any food restrictions. Their cakes are simple, yet elegant and just hit the mark for a dessert perfect for a wedding day. 

Tel: 206.442.1115

Known For: Plant-Based Wedding Cake, Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes

  1. Macrina Bakery 

Founded on philosophy — rather than culture and country – Macrina Bakery is owned by Leslie Mackie who strives to live off of the idea that every baked good should enhance both the natural products and the flavor of the various grains. Not only can you stop in one of their locations and pick up a slice of cake to go or get your hands on one of their cookbooks, they also have some of the most beautiful wedding cake options! It’s no wonder they have over 18,000 Instagram followers – their desserts speak for themselves. 

Known For: Woman Owned and Operated

  1. Morfey’s Cake 

Located in the heart of Seattle, Morfey’s Cake has been baking and designing custom wedding cakes since 1960. From gold monograms on your wedding cake to elegant florals wrapping your cake tiers, I love how timeless this bakery really is. 

Tel: 206.283.8557

Know For: Classic Wedding Cakes 

  1. Nuflours

Nuflours only offers desserts that are 100% free from gluten, rice, and peanuts, and they also carry a variety of dairy-free and vegan options – making this bakery an excellent option if you have any dietary restrictions. Learn more about their custom cake options here – but just by taking a look at the menu, your mouth might water! 

Tel: (206) 395-4623

Known For: Gluten Free Cakes, Rice-Free Cakes, Peanut-Free Cake, Dairy-Free Cakes, Vegan Wedding Cakes

  1. Sweet Life Cakery

The Sweet Life Cakery is a boutique cake and cupcake shop located in Kingston, WA. They’re already booked for the 2022 season and are currently booking 2023, so it’s clear they’re a favorite! They’ve been baking and designing wedding cakes in the Seattle area for over 20 years, making them a local recommendation. Learn more about their wedding consultation and cake tastings here! 

Tel: (360)881-0215

Known For: Classic Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Sweet Themes Bakery

Sweet Themes Bakery is a women-owned bakery, founded and run by Alison Carchedi. Alison is a self-proclaimed ‘Chief Cookie Officer’ and is one of the most talented bakers in the Seattle area. Sweet Themes Bakery has an incredibly seamless wedding cake ordering process, taking one less task off of your wedding-planning to-do list. Simply fill out this form and they’ll contact you to secure your date!

Tel: 253.981.4999

Known For: Classic Wedding Cakes, Woman-Owned Bakery 

  1. Dimensional Desserts

Dimensional Desserts are known for their eye-catching wedding cakes, artistic elegance, and attention to detail. When Owner, Wendy, isn’t baking cakes in the kitchen, she is typically busy as a wife, a mother and a bonus mom to 8 children, 2 girls and 6 boys ranging in age from 11 to 35 and a grandmother to 4 wonderful grandbabies. What can’t Wendy do?! 

Tel: (360) 480-0817

Known For: Artistic Elegance, Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

  1. Cupcakes Like It Sweet

It’s no wonder Cupcakes Like It Sweet has 5 stars on WeddingWire, there’s just something mouth-watering about their desserts! If you’re looking to opt for cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, Cupcakes Like Its Sweet specializes in gourmet cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cake balls, and dessert balls – perfect for bite-sized treats! 


Known For: Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Cascadia Cake Design

Cascadia Cake Design is a woman-owned cake design studio located in the greater Seattle area. Specializing in wedding cakes and sculpted cakes, Cascadia Cake Design is one of the most talented bakers in the Seattle, WA area – one I highly recommend for your wedding day needs. 

Contact: cascadiacakes@gmail.com

Known For: Sculpted Cakes, Timeless Wedding Cakes

  1. Bella Bella Cupcakes

I love when a local bakery offers wedding cakes in a unique and creative way – and Bella Bella Cupcakes does just that. Browse their flavor schedule, here, to see what’s “in season.” Their wedding cakes are eye-catching and personalized for each couple, and it’s clear they are some of the very best bakers in the business! 

Tel: 360.908.8096

Known For: Personalized Wedding Cakes, Custom Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Grain Artisan Bakery

With 4.6 stars on WeddingWire, this Snohomish, Washington bakery is one of my favorites for wedding cakes. Grain Artisan Bakery offers cake tastings and consultations, sheet cakes or tiered cakes, and they even offer an alternative dessert bar! Looking to impress your wedding guests with more than just a wedding cake?

Grain Artisan Bakery shares, “ We offer dessert bars and about 50% of our weddings choose a cutting cake surrounded by a decadent dessert bar. We have 2-3 and 4-5 option dessert bars starting at $7/person. We offer both mini bite sized dessert bars and single personal sized serving dessert bars. Any cookie you could dream up, parfaits, trifles, brownies, galettes, pie, tarts, scones, – anything your heart desires we can incorporate (within reason, of course).” YUM! 

Tel: (360) 799-6822

Known For: Dessert Bar, Custom Wedding Cakes, Wedding Sheet Cakes

  1. Mike’s Amazing Cakes

Whether you’re looking for a traditional wedding cake or a non-traditional design, Mike’s Amazing Cakes is a great option for your Washington wedding. Based in Redmond, Washington, founder and owner Mike McCarey’s career in cake started right out of high school with a two-year term at a cooking school in Denver, Colorado. From there he worked as a pastry chef at various hotels, caterers, restaurants and bakeries in Colorado and New York. He finally settled down in Washington State and never looked back.

Tel: 425.869.2992

Known For: Timeless Wedding Cakes, Classic Wedding Cakes

  1. Pisces Pies Baking Company

Sometimes, a slice of pie just feels right. If you’re looking to swap your wedding cake for a wedding pie, I cannot think of a better recommendation to give than PIsces Pies Baking Company. Located in Snohomish County, WA, this woman-owned and operated pie company offers some of the most delicious – and beautiful – pies we’ve ever seen! Goodbye buttercream, hello key lime crust! 

Tel: 3605721270

Known For: Wedding Pies, Pie Bakery

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I’m sure by now your mouth is watering and your stomach is grumbling.. As mine is! Browsing all of these wedding cakes and wedding desserts has given me a new appreciation for the art of baking. These wedding cake bakers not only craft delicious sweets, but their skill to make something beautiful is so impressive.

However you choose to indulge in a sweet on your wedding day, I hope you order what feels right for you. Whether that be a three-tier wedding cake, a tray of wedding cupcakes, or even a dessert bar, I hope this list helped you narrow down your Seattle, WA cake bakery options. If you’re still looking for a top Seattle wedding photographer to help you celebrate your day in a bold way, then please don’t hesitate to and reach out to your black Seattle wedding photographer.