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November 29, 2022

Wedding Photography Myths

Fun Wedding Photography Myths – Debunked!

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Wedding Photography Myths – Debunked!

Although I may be biased due to my many years of experience as a Seattle wedding photographer, scouring the web and selecting the photographer for your wedding is a big deal. It should be at the top of the list of wedding planning priorities – because it’s all you’ll have of that day for the years to come. With most couples having a vision in mind for their day, it is important to find a photographer that you can get along with; as well as admire their work, and one you can trust to bring your vision to life. Before committing to photographing a wedding, I love to get to know my couple. I want to make sure we’re comfortable with one another (it goes both ways!) so the wedding day and events leading up go seamlessly. It just makes sense!

There are so many old-school beliefs, rumors, and myths about wedding photography. I believe it’s so important to be transparent with soon-to-be-newlyweds so they don’t go into their wedding day with false expectations. Nobody wants to be disappointed on their wedding day, or in the weeks to follow.

Whether you’re a wedding photographer looking to clear up your communication with clients or a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, take a look at some of the wedding photography myths below – and learn why most of them are simply not true.

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The More Expensive the Photographer, the Better the Skillset

This can be true on some occasions, but many times it’s simply false. If a photographer has an outstanding portfolio, excellent and professional communication, and incredible testimonials, they’re likely going to charge at a higher price point – and for good reason. However, there are also plenty of talented photographers that offer affordable packages and are willing to work with a budget and implement a few changes to their usual wedding photography package. Couples, I recommend you simply ask. If the photographer you love is at a higher price point than you’re willing to pay for, they might have fellow photographers they can recommend.

Be wary of wedding photographers that have spent their time scamming couples with faulty contracts, overcharging and underperforming, and simply do not have the experience to charge an unbelievably high rate. Do your research by looking into their reviews on The Knot and/or Wedding Wire, reaching out to previous couples that have worked with the photographer, and asking the photographer questions during an inquiry call or an email. Their professionalism should be a tell-all… And if you’re still unsure after an introduction or two, I’d say move on! It’s not worth the risk.

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Photoshop Can Be Used to Fix Anything

Sure, I have spent my fair share of time cropping out dirty sidewalk stains, removing a piece of hair that the wind blew over someone’s forehead,  and I’ve even spent some time brightening the sky on a dreary day. But these are all simple edits that make the overall image bring the day to life – they’re not altering a person. I will not edit an appearance to make someone look completely different than they appear. There will be no “remove the mole on my face, make me skinnier please, can you completely edit my hair?” Of course, I make sure my couples feel confident and happy with the look in their images, but I do not want to be creating a faulty version of the beautiful person you are! Your wedding day is special because it’s your day. Why would you want to look back on the photos, knowing that they don’t truly represent you at that moment? We all have our insecurities, which is why I take pride in making sure you’re comfortable behind the camera. I want to capture your natural love story – not create a magazine cover.

All Wedding Photographers Have the Same Style

I think it’s clear that almost all wedding photographers have their different styles, but many people still group us into one category. My personal style is airy, timeless, natural, down-to-earth, organic, & soulful. I shoot a mix of candids, posed, and documentary photos, all while ensuring that I’m capturing the real, deep, intimacy of the day. As well as all the sweet love, joy, and emotion that will transpire throughout the day. Some wedding photographers choose to photograph more candidly while others prefer posed visuals, and some choose to edit their photographs with light and airy while others might offer a moodier approach. Based on your preferences for your wedding day, it’s important to choose a photographer that can represent who you are as a couple.

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All You Need is a Good Camera

This makes me laugh out loud. If all you needed was a good camera to reach instant wedding photographer fame, I think more people would venture down this career path. I’d definitely have a lot more competition as far as Seattle wedding photographers go. But, it takes a lot more than just a fancy piece of equipment. Personally, I’ve spent hours learning about my equipment, which angles to shoot from, software to edit photographs, how to make couples feel comfortable, and so much more. Half the time I’m a wedding photographer, and the other half I’m a therapist… I swear, most wedding vendors will agree! I spend more time editing photographs and doing admin work than I do at weddings because there is so much more to wedding photography than just the snap of a button.

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Wedding Photographers are Too Expensive

Soo… This is a very personal preference, I think. If it’s in your budget, great. If not, I completely understand BUT, I encourage you to give up something other than wedding photography if you need to cut costs. Personally, I believe photographs are memories captured for a lifetime. You’ll never have the chance to have all of those same people in the room together again, and it’s a priceless moment to capture. I totally understand that weddings can be expensive, and sticking to a wedding budget is so, so important for many. There are plenty of incredible wedding photographers (even in the Seattle and Washington State area) that offer affordable packages – so whether you choose to spend high or low, I encourage you just to make sure you hire a photographer for your wedding.

PS: If you’re ISO a Seattle wedding photographer, I’m your gal! Let’s chat!


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My Friend/Family Member Can Just Photograph the Wedding

The dreaded, “Why spend the money when my sister-in-law offered to snap photos throughout the day on her digital camera?!” I swear I have nightmares about these stories. Your friends and family members are your guests, and you’re the host. Although they may have offered, which is great for fun, casual candids throughout the day. But, the talent and experience of a professional wedding photographer are simply priceless. There’s a guarantee that you’ll receive high-resolution images, capturing some of the most special moments of your day. Allow your guests to relax and enjoy themselves on your wedding day, and allow me – a seasoned Seattle wedding photographer – and other professionals to go to work.

Simply put, wedding photography is not an easy job – and not everyone can do it.


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My Photographer Will Judge Me if I’m Not Comfortable In Front of the Camera

HECK NO! Why do you think I make sure we vibe before you sign a contract?! I want to make sure you and your partner are comfortable in my presence, and vice-versa. Your wedding day is your day to feel incredible. There is no judgment and if you get that vibe from a photographer upfront, RUN! Find a photographer that makes you feel happy about who you are. If you’re worried about not feeling confident in front of the camera, communicate that with your photographer! They’ll be able to get a better idea of how to direct you, explain poses, and really do their best to make sure you feel excited about taking your photos. Another great way to get comfortable with your wedding photographer is to book an engagement photoshoot with them. That way, when the big day arrives, you’ll already have experience working with one another.

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Wedding Photographs Will Be Ready to View Soon After the Event

While this would be great, unfortunately, it’s simply not true. When you’re hiring a photographer, you’re paying for their time and commitment on your wedding day – and well after. I spend hours editing photographs, adjusting the lighting, and selecting the top pictures that make the final gallery. My turnaround time for wedding photographs typically is between 4-6 weeks.

Out of respect, I (along with many other wedding photographers) ask that you do not follow up with daily emails after the wedding, requesting to see visuals. There’s also nothing worse than a couple, their family members, or their friends asking to view the photos on my camera on the day of the wedding. These are raw images and usually, look… Well, not up to par. I can promise you consistent communication, but please respect my deadlines and turnaround times.


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The More Photos, The Better

Who doesn’t love viewing endless wedding galleries? I totally get where this idea that “the more the better” comes from. But, it’s just not true. Sometimes, I take the same style of photograph over and over again, simply because I want to rule out the issue of someone blinking or if the lighting changes even slightly by the second, etc. When I’m choosing which photographs make the final gallery, all of these details come into play. As a Seattle wedding photographer – with years of experience – I’ll be totally transparent with you and tell you how many photographs you can expect to receive. I promise, no moment will be missed – even if you’re not receiving an endless number of photographs.

With so many myths and rumors about wedding photography, I can understand why it’s a profession that many have confusion about. When it’s time to book your wedding photographer, my best advice is to get your questions answered, know what you’re looking for, and make sure you connect with the photographer on a deeper level than just “hiring for an event.” After all, this person is going to take part in one of the most important days of your life – make sure they’re going to fit in with you and your crew.

And of course, if you’re looking for a Seattle or Washington State-based wedding photographer, I’d love to chat! Let’s get to know one another and see if we vibe.