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August 15, 2022

Top 20 Impressive Wedding Venues in the Pacific Northwest.

Top 20 Impressive Wedding Venues in the Pacific Northwest

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Pacific Northwest 20 Impressive Wedding Venues

Are you looking for the perfect venue for your wedding in Seattle, Washington, or the Pacific Northwest?

Your wedding should be just as beautiful as you’ll envision it. And that is why choosing the perfect place for your wedding is not easy, especially in a city like Seattle where you can find hundreds of beautiful places.

Well, if you are looking for some help, in this blog you will find the top 20 wedding venues in the Pacific Northwest from the point of view of a Seattle wedding photographer. Here are some of the most incredible wedding venues in the Pacific Northwest to celebrate your wedding day in an unforgettable way!

Wedding Venues in the Pacific Northwest

1. Kodiak Room

This is a sandstone building built over a hundred years ago, so you can imagine that it is the perfect place for a retro wedding. The wedding decorations that they do in this place make it seem that you are in a magical place. It is perfect for aesthetic style photos.

For 299 guests.

2. Creekside

If simple but beautiful is what you are looking for, this is a great place. It has large gardens, a beautiful kiosk, and large white rooms. There is also a perfect bridge to spark your imagination in your photo session.

200 guests.

3. Lord Hill Farms

If you want something outdoor and elegant, this is the place you are looking for. The best thing about this place is that it has different places set for you to have an incredible wedding photography session. Check out this stunning wedding I had the honor to capture there.

100 guests.

4. Des Moines Beach Park Event Center

This place combines country style with a beach atmosphere. You will be able to have your ceremony with a view of the sea (and of course have incredible photos of that moment) and then celebrate your party in a room or outdoors.

100 guests

5. Hyatt Regency Lake Washington

Located on the shores of Lake Washington, this location is set against the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. A dock and a luxurious lounge will also be part of the scenography for your photos.

900 guests

6. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

If you are a lover of the bottom of the sea, fish, and marine animals, I have good news for you. You can get married at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium! Your photos will look like your wedding was under the sea!

300 guests

7. The Edgewater Hotel

If you like the elegant but classic, this place has different locations so you can choose the best one for your wedding. All are decorated in a classic but elegant style with the sea in the background.

100 Guests

8. Hilton Bellevue

This beautiful location is for those who want to live a fairy dream on their wedding day. With spacious rooms and large chandeliers, your wedding and your photos will be like something out of a story.

Up to 300 guests

9. The MV Skansonia

If you want to get married on the high seas, in this luxury boat, you can have your wedding with a Titanic theme. It has incredible and elegant rooms, and you’ll be able to have your ceremony in the middle of the sea. Imagine the beautiful PNW photos you will have!

100 guests.

10. Salish Lodge & Spa

If you are an inveterate lover of nature, you cannot miss this place. You will have as a setting a forest in the middle of some impressive waterfalls. With this location, it will be difficult not to have incredible photos of your special day.

125 guests.

11. The Kelley Farms

This is a great place to have an Aesthetic style wedding. And of course incredible photos of this style. Green open fields and a rustic-style house and farm are part of this aesthetic location that will make you, your guests and your photos look as if they have travelled through time to the past.

100 Guests.

12. Thornewood Castle

If you plan your wedding to be in winter, Thornewood Castle is one of the best places to do it. Your wedding will literally be in a castle with all that that means. In addition, the landscape that surrounds the castle will make your photos come out wonderful. I may be bias, but this is one of my favorite venues in Tacoma, Washington. Check out this wedding I captured there.

200 Guests.

13. Tree House Point

If you are looking for something original for your wedding, how about doing it in a tree house? Tree House Point is located in the middle of a beautiful forest. Next to the house, a river with calm waters will be a great background for your photo session.

50 Guests.

14. Chihuly Garden and Glass

This location has a conceptual and modern style, with striking and colorful decorations and modern and daring architecture, you can get incredible photos of your wedding both day and night.

700 guests.

15. The Ruins

The Ruins Seattle lessie blue photography 32

If you want your wedding to be as romantic as possible, in this location you will achieve it. It has several rooms so you can choose the one that suits you best, but all of them have an atmosphere that is sophisticated and romantic.

150 Guests.

16. Fremont Foundry

Do you have a terrace in mind for your wedding? In this, you will have a beautiful view of North Seattle. And then you can celebrate the rest of your wedding in an atrium lit by a skylight in the 20-foot ceiling.

Up to 350 guests.

17. Melrose Market Studios

This historic building is perfect for an urban style wedding. It has a retro-chic vibe adorned with red brick walls, massive Douglas fir beams, and a high ceiling. It has the plus of having several mirrors, which as you know are great allies of photography.

18. Fairmont Olympic Hotel

If you don’t plan on skimping at your wedding, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel has elegant ballrooms with huge windows that provide some of the best lightings for photographs. In addition, the large chandeliers and spiral staircases will be the principal elements of an incredible photo session.

500 Guests

19. Seattle Marriott Waterfront

For a large wedding, the Seattle Marriott Waterfront is spectacular, it has a large capacity for guests and large rooms with large dance floors so that everyone can dance. You can also do your seattle photo session on the boardwalk.

900 guests.

20. Willows Lodge

If you want something more intimate, this Vintage-style property is located in the beautiful valley of the Sammamish River. It has beautiful views throughout its 5 acres of beautiful land. Both indoor and outdoor locations are perfect for your Seattle wedding photography.

200 guests

I hope this list is a good resource for all you couples looking for a impressive Pacific Northwest Wedding venue. From riverfront views, urban vibes and beautiful greenery views. You can’t go wrong with any of these Seattle wedding venues!