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Top Five Wedding Trends of 2021

Having a lovely wedding is a dream come true. So many of us plan our wedding day since we were a child. However, times have changed, and so have the trends! The key to having a great wedding today is living up to the trends.

To make the hunt more effortless for you to find the perfect trend for your special day, I am here with a list of the most notable 2021 wedding trends.

1) Go for an Open Air Wedding

If you are someone who loves a breath of fresh air, then this trend is definitely for you. Now you won’t even have to bother about social distancing because it is an open-air environment.

You can feel the soft breeze, the birds singing a song with their chirps, and enjoy the sunset with your better half and the guests! Oh boy, nature offers so much love and peace. In addition, you will have the most stunning portraits in such a setting.

2) Here Is A Big Reveal

Since the pandemic has not been the most sociable friend to the wedding season, people choose to have intimate weddings with a few guests. So you as a couple can get beautiful portraits with each other that will reflect your love and the beauty of the life you are about to share.

Put these pictures on your social media profiles, and bam! Everyone is informed about your wedding if they couldn’t make it to the guest list.

3) Do it Yourself

One of the biggest trends of 2021 has been DIY weddings. Instead of running into stylists, makeup artists, and many other service providers, the bride does her makeup herself after practicing for a few weeks without a wedding. What makes it even more beautiful is that you and your groom invest more time together for your big day.

4) A Bed of Flowers

Instead of cutting on florals to have other fancy décor, people have started saving up more money during 2021 due to loss of jobs and other issues.

However, that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be plain. Florals are back in town and offer a duo of beauty and elegance. So get ready for a perfect shoot with petite flowers!

5) Weekdays it is!

Another economical way to cut the guest list short is by going for a weekday wedding instead of holding it for a Saturday when many people come and expose you and your partner to the virus.

Keep it small and intimate on a weekday. You will even find many venues available for the weekday relative to the weekend. It will help you bring the costs down by negotiating, and you might even get the hall for a desirable amount of time if you keep the guest list shorter.

Forget about the norm and choose one of these fantastic trends to make the most out of your day and enjoy it with your loved ones. Your wedding vows can’t wait any longer, so make them memorable!

Top Five Wedding Trends of 2021

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