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June 30, 2021

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3 Engagement Photo Mistakes to Avoid | Tacoma Engagement Photographer

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Photo Mistakes to Avoid – Tacoma Wedding Photographer

Social media is a treasure trove of fantastic engagement photos. Many of these photos look remarkably romantic, and others force a chuckle or two!

I know because I’ve seen couples make so many mistakes in their engagement photos. And while some of the pictures come out amusing, it’s unlikely that’s the desired effect the couples were aiming for.

Simple ideas are often shunned, but they’re usually the best. The same applies to engagement photos. Couples merely have to decide what works best for them based on the history they share.

Think of your engagement as a prelude to your wedding. That gives you an idea of what your wedding will look like. That alone makes it a special moment that should be preserved forever. Photos are the best mediums for you to make this happen.

Thus, you must secure the services of a competent and professional wedding photographer to preserve this movement. Still, the simple fact is, your wedding photographer can’t do everything for you. It’s your wedding, and you have the final say in particular matters.

For example, you can decide the venue for the wedding and where the engagement photos will be taken. Even though this might seem simple enough to do, it’s not uncommon for couples to make mistakes that even great photography can do little to save.

I’ve highlighted some common engagement photo mistakes couples make, so be mindful of them and try to avoid them too.

Lessie Blue Photography Tacoma Wedding Photographer 1546
  • Selecting A Location, You Are Not Comfortable With

This is easily the most common and, unfortunately, the most significant mistake couples make. As beautiful as an event space is, it will do very little in the way of forging cherished memories if it doesn’t resonate with you. Choose a location that allows you to feel true to yourself.

It’s going to be hard for you to look and be happy if your wedding is being hosted in a venue that’s not your first choice. Even the most talented wedding photographer can’t capture honest and genuine emotions of joy if there’s nothing there to capture in the first place.

  • Picking Multiple Outfits For The Shoot

Variety is great, but only if adequately approached or utilized.  It’s always great to take engagement photos where the couples do hve different outfits for each shoot. Still, you have to consider the logistics involved too.

Be realistic about what you’re going to do. If you fancy taking the engagement photos at different venues or locations, consider what moving from one location to another will entail. Think about whether there will be places you can comfortably change clothes. Ask yourself if moving around for too long in your chosen outfits across specific grounds will cause discomfort or hinder you in any way.

  • Putting On Uncomfortable Outfits

Don’t put on clothes for the sake of how good they look on you because doing that avails nothing if you feel uncomfortable. Forcing a smile or etching a pleasant expression on your face doesn’t do anything for engagement photos.

It is a photoshoot and one you’ll forever remember, so you need to look and feel utterly comfortable. Granted, looking good is important too, but it’s not as important as the emotions you’ll express during that moment. And don’t forget there might be quite a bit of movement for the shoot, so consider that too. It’s best to choose outfits you will look and feel both comfortable and beautiful in.

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