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June 30, 2021

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5 Essential Wedding Photos You Need to Take

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Wedding Photos you have to Take

Wedding pictures help forge memories that couples can use to tell stories to other generations. So, the couples need to make sure their photos tell a fantastic story! Their wedding pictures, like their love, are eternal. So, they have to get them right.

I have carefully selected a few photo ideas that can help you achieve this. I love them all, and I know you will too!

1 Tacoma Wedding Photographer Lessie Blue Photography 56
  • The Beauty Moment

The ‘beauty moment’ is when the couple is getting ready for their big day. Invite the photographer to the suite where the couple is getting ready.

The photographer needs to capture details like the makeup, hairstyle, wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers, and other sentimental details while you prepare.

Believe me when I tell you that it will help tell a fantastic photo story as simple as this may seem! It will show your loved ones the little yet significant things that led to the moment you said ‘I do!’

  • The Couple Portrait‘s

The couple portraits are the photographs of the couple alone. This photo session is your moment to shine as the bride/groom. The couple can take a step back and bask in how beautiful and/or handsome you look on the most important day of your life.

The photographer will ensure that they get all the right angles and have you looking the very best on your big day. The wedding photographer must pay attention to the veil, wedding dress, suit, watch, among other things.

  • The Wedding Party

The bridal party entails the couple and the people dearest to them of course. So another essential photograph every couple should take is that of the wedding party; of them and their friends looking beautiful, happy, and making the most of the day!

Imagine flipping through wedding pictures in your album. Then you land on photos of you and your friends smiling and dancing together. It will bring back fond memories, won’t it?

  • The Vow

The vow defines a wedding more than any other aspect of the celebration. The laughs, the happy tears, the emotion that’s lands on every face, all of it! Ensure that the photographer captures this moment perfectly.

  • The Ring Exchange

The ring exchange is another important moment in every wedding. There will still be tears here too but rest assured, that will only make you pleasantly emotional when you see the wedding pictures.

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