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August 1, 2022

Ideas For Your Wedding Send-Off

3 Different Ideas For Your Wedding Send-Off

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When going through the planning process of your wedding, couple have a lot of decisions to make. One of those decisions is what kind of wedding send-off they want to have at the end of their night.

Don’t know what a wedding send-off is? It’s the time of the night when the couple is exiting their reception to leave for their overnight stay or honeymoon and all the guests are waiting to say goodbye to you. This is a moment that you will cherish forever, saying goodbye to your loved ones as you and your significant other head off to be together for the first night as a married couple.

Now, whether you want simple or unique, there’s a send-off option out there for you! Here is a list of different ideas for your special send-off. Look through these exits to find the perfect Ideas for your wedding day!

Simple Exit Ideas for your Wedding

  • Light sparklers
  • Blow out bubbles
  • Throw biodegradable confetti
  • Hold glow sticks
  • Toss flower petals
  • Toss oversized glitter
  • Throw sequins
  • Toss rice
  • Toss sprinkles
  • Toss birdseed
  • Throw herbs
  • Wave handkerchiefs
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Unique Exit Ideas Wedding Send-off

  • Champagne showers
  • Wave flags
  • Throw feathers
  • Unleash fireworks
  • Light colored smoke bombs
  • Have a ballon toss
  • Release butterflies
  • Shake LED fiber-optic wands
  • Release floating lanterns
  • Fly paper airplanes
  • Release doves
  • Light the way with candles
  • Throw streamers in the air
  • Release balloons
  • Set off confetti poppers
  • Wave ribbon wands
  • Toss lavendar
  • Ring bells
  • Have bubble machines
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Seasonal Exit Ideas For Your Wedding

  • Toss whole flowers
  • Fan palm leaves
  • Toss fall leaves
  • Toss artificial snow
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I hope that you found this blog helpful and maybe even helped you decide what you want to do at your wedding! I really believe that these are some of the most epic shots of the whole night, in my opinion. You can really get creative with it and can definitely find a budget-friendly way to do so. As a seattle wedding photographer, I’m always down for fun and creative send offs!