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August 1, 2022

ro tips for Photographing Black and Interracial Couples on their Wedding day

Pro tips for Photographing Black and Interracial Couples on their Wedding day

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Pro Tips for Photographing Black and Interracial Couples

If you’re a black wedding photographer or shooting an interracial couple with different skin tones, it’s important to be aware of some of the unique challenges and considerations involved in capturing these images.

As a Seattle Black Wedding Photographer who specializes in Interracial Wedding Photography, I have certainly had my share of challenges, Still, I’ve also learned a lot about how to best approach shooting black and interracial couples. Every couple should be treated with care and attention to detail, but when shooting black and interracial couples, there are some additional considerations to consider. In this article, I’ll share some of my best tips to help you photograph black and interracial couples with different skin tones, particularly on their wedding day.

1. Pay attention to lighting

Different skin tones absorb light differently, so it’s important to be mindful of the lighting conditions when shooting black and interracial couples. If possible, try to avoid harsh direct sunlight, which can create unflattering shadows and highlights. Instead, look for softly diffused light, like that found in an open shade or beneath a tree canopy. This will help you even out the skin tones and create a more flattering overall effect.

2. Use a reflector

A reflector can be your best friend if you’re shooting in direct sunlight. By bouncing some extra light onto the subjects’ faces, you can help fill in any shadows and reduce the appearance of harsh highlights. This is an especially helpful technique for shooting black and interracial couples with very different skin tones, as it can help to even out the lighting between them.

3. Be careful with flash

Flash can be an excellent tool for photographers, but it’s essential to use it carefully when shooting black and interracial couples. This is because the bright light from the flash can sometimes cause the darker-skinned individual to appear washed out, while the lighter-skinned individual may look overexposed. If you decide to use flash, try diffusing it using a softbox or umbrella. This will help spread the light and reduce its intensity, making it more flattering for both subjects.

4. Use a longer lens

When shooting black and interracial couples, you may find that a longer lens is more flattering than a wide-angle lens. This is because a longer lens will compress the features of the face, resulting in a more pleasing overall effect. You can always step back and shoot with a wide-angle lens if you don’t have a long lens. Just be sure to keep your distance so that you don’t distort the features of the faces too much.

5. Get close to your subjects

While you may want to use a longer lens for the most flattering results, don’t be afraid to get close to your black and interracial couples. This will help you capture their emotions and expressions, which are an important part of any wedding photo. Just be sure not to intrude on their personal space, and always ask permission before moving in too close.

6. Capture candid moments

One of the best things about being a Seattle Interracial Wedding Photographer is the opportunity to capture some truly candid moments between my Black or Interracial couples. While posed portraits are important, it’s the candid shots that really capture the essence of the relationship. To get these types of shots, you’ll need to be patient and wait for the right moments. It’s also important to be unobtrusive, as you don’t want your subjects to feel self-conscious or pose. Black and interracial couples often have very different experiences of the world, and their wedding photos should reflect that. Look for opportunities to capture the little moments between the couple, as these will be the images they treasure most.

7. Edit with care

When editing black and interracial wedding photos, it’s important not to over-or under-expose the images. This can be tricky to achieve, but it’s important to get it right. If you edit the photos too dark, you may lose some of the detail in the darker-skinned individual’s face. On the other hand, if you edit them too lightly, the lighter-skinned individual may appear washed out. Try to find a happy medium, and don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the results you’re looking for.

8. Seek out diverse couples

As a Black Seattle Wedding Photographer, I’ve had the privilege of photographing a wide range of black and interracial couples. Each couple is unique, and I always strive to capture their individual personalities and stories in my photos. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, seek out black and interracial couples willing to be photographed. You may be surprised by the beauty and depth of the relationships you’ll find.

9. Be sensitive to cultural differences

When photographing black and interracial couples, it’s important to be sensitive to the fact that they may come from different cultures. This means that there may be certain traditions or customs that you’re not familiar with. It’s important to research before the wedding and ask the couple if there are any specific things you should know about. This will help you avoid potential cultural missteps and ensure that you respectfully capture the day and honor the couple’s heritage.

10. Have fun!

Above all, remember to have fun when you’re photographing black and interracial couples. This is a special time in their lives, and your photos should reflect the joy and happiness that they’re feeling. Allow your own personality to shine through, and don’t be afraid to experiment. With a little creativity, you can create stunning wedding photos that the couple will cherish for a lifetime.

11. Hire a Second Photographer

While you may get great results as a lone photographer, hiring a second photographer can be a great way to add some extra creativity to your black and interracial wedding photos. A second photographer can help you capture different angles and perspectives and even act as a lighting assistant. This will allow you to experiment with your photography and capture a broader range of images. If you’re unsure whether or not to hire a second photographer, ask the couple if they have any specific requests or ideas they would like you to capture. They may be open to the idea, and it could end up being a great addition to their wedding photos.


Black and interracial couples are beautiful, and their wedding photos should reflect that. By following these tips, you can ensure that your photos are flattering, candid, and sensitive to the couple’s cultural differences. With practice, you’ll be able to capture the unique bond between black and interracial couples in a truly special way.

If you are an Wedding Photographer in the PNW area and want to know more about how to best photograph black and interracial couples, please contact me. I would be happy to share more of my tips and advice.