Lessie McFarlane

May 31, 2022

Bride & Groom in rain kissing

6 Tips For A Rainy Wedding Day

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Rainy weather might not be ideal for your wedding, especially not an outside one, but that is (sadly) out of your hands to arrange a rainy wedding. With that being said, there’s no reason to let the rain ruin your special day, people often say it’s good luck actually. There are plenty of ways to be prepared for the weather to make sure everything is still beautiful and runs smoothly.

The number one tip I will give to anyone having an outdoor rainy wedding, is that they should 100% have a weather backup plan. Whether you discuss this with your venue or you do things to prepare for it all. This way, if the forecast unexpectedly calls for rain on your wedding day, you’ll have no reason to panic. In this blog post, I will give you all the tips on what to have or do to be fully prepared for the rainy weather that might come your way.

How To Handle Rain on A Rainy Wedding Day

Discuss Options With Your Venue

Get in contact with your venue coordinator, and find out what your options are for any unexpected weather. Do they offer other venue locations, last-minute tent setups, have an indoor spot to relocate to at the last minute, etc.

Rent A Tent

Tents are an amazing option because they can still give you that outside wedding feeling, just without getting drenched in the rain. There are tons of different tents out there, you will have to research what is available around you. I love the tents that are clear, just because how magical is it being able to see the rain and the droplets around you?

Keep Dry

There are tons of ideas on how to keep you and your guests dry and comfortable at your wedding.

For your guests, think about providing:

  • Towels – to wipe off any seating or whatever else.
  • Ponchos or Umbrellas – to keep them dry.
  • Blankets – to keep them warm and cozy.

For you, I would suggest bringing some kind of rain boots to wear. These can still be fashionable and make for a cute shoe peek picture! I would also have a hairdryer somewhere on standby, just in case your hair gets wet from any frolicking in the rain with your partner.

Protect Your Dress

Going along with the last tip, rain boots are good for obviously protecting your feet or any heels that you might have worn, but you also might want to protect your dress. Not everyone wants to get their beautiful, white wedding dress all muddy especially not on their wedding day. So to protect your dress, consider these options:

  • Bring some kind of coat, a raincoat, or a stylish petticoat.
  • Spray the hem of your dress with Scotchguard.
  • Have someone hold your train as you walk around.

Have Umbrellas

Clear umbrellas make for one of the best rainy day wedding photo props. One reason is that they won’t hide or cast a shadow on your face. They are also a great thing to provide at your wedding for all of your guests or at least the bridal party. Imagine having a group shot with all of you holding your clear umbrellas, how cute? It definitely makes for an aesthetically pleasing view when you look to all your guests at your ceremony and they all have matching umbrellas. But of course, colorful ones can be fun too!

Fully Embrace It

There are actually perks to getting married in the rain, one being that it is supposed to be a sign of good luck. So why not just embrace the day for what it is and make the most of it? Having a rainy wedding can make your day a little more unique than others with the different opportunities and creativity you can have with it. Just think of the clear umbrellas you could use, the cozy atmosphere that it can provide, and the romantic rainy wedding photos you can take. You can always plan to offer cute blankets that go with your wedding colors, provide hot drinks (such as hot cocoa), and have heat lamps spread throughout your venue. There are endless opportunities!

And don’t forget to sneak away with your partner for a romantic kiss under a shared umbrella or a spontaneous dance in the rain!

Now you’re fully prepared and ready to rock your wedding day, no matter what Mother Nature might bring your way! Enjoy this special time in your life and don’t stress over what you can’t control, just make the most of it. It all works out in the end!