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I just love emotional moments, from tear-evoking first looks to romantic vow exchanges with handwritten notes. Witnessing intimate elopements and celebrating PNW weddings with romantic wedding photography is such a joy for me!

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I am Lessie Blue, a professional and intimate wedding photographer based in Seattle. I always capture beautiful moments at weddings. I do this because I want couples always to remember how incredible their wedding had been.

Seeing that I capture these unique and irreplicable moments, I also work with other excellent PNW vendors, and I can’t wait to introduce today’s vendor to you!

This week’s professional wedding vendor is none other than Candace Connor Photography! Candace helps couples tell their love stories in unique and amazing ways, so you can understand why couples love working with her. And I do too!

Whether you are planning a regular, intimate, or destination wedding, Candace Connor Photography will help make your wedding something to remember. So join me as I welcome them today in my vendor spotlight series!

  • What Would You Expect from Her Photography?

Candace aims to tell a story for every unique couple she works with. She brings out each couple’s unique personality through documenting, no matter the occasion; dating, engaged, married, or expecting.

She’s also an expert in capturing moments from intimate and destination weddings and offers help in planning weddings. Suffice to say, Candace often becomes more of a good friend and less of a vendor to her clients.

  • Are Her Services Restricted to Seattle?

No, her services are considerably broader than that. Candace Connor is an expert photographer for intimate and destination weddings.

That means if you’ve chosen elopement, Candace is willing to follow your love story to the destination of your choice. She’ll be there to document your journey right to the happy end!

  • What Is Her Photography Style?

Candace works with the organic moments – moments of genuine laughter, contentment, happiness, and other honest, pure emotions that relay your love story.

Every picture she takes is painted with raw emotion, so don’t be surprised if happy tears wet your cheeks when you look through your wedding photographs!

Candace knows what I do, and it is this: Photography is an inevitable part of your big day. It requires professionalism and the talent and expertise to tell your love story uniquely.

Candace Connor Photography and Lessie Blue Photography is your wedding photography dream team! We’ll both bring our unique touch to your big day, and what you’ll get are fantastic wedding pictures that will forever remind you of the day you started a new family! Click here to contact me and reach out to Candace Connor Photography by clicking here

Vendor Spotlight – Candace Connor Photography

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