Lessie McFarlane

May 9, 2022

Ready For Your Engagement Session

How To Get Ready For Your Engagement Session

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To get ready for your Engagement sessions are a pretty big deal in my book. They are the pictures you take to show off you as a couple and represent the love you two have. These are also usually used for any kind of “Save the Date” or wedding invitations you’re planning to send out. I have even seen people have them spread throughout their wedding venue on the big day. Because these can be a big deal you’re definitely going to want to be prepared for them. In this blog post, I will be sharing some of my tips and suggestions on how to get ready for your engagement session.

You have your photographer booked and a date picked out. Now what?

After you have those two things locked down, this is what I suggest you start thinking about:

  • Find inspiration. Go on Pinterest and make a Get Ready For Your “Engagement Session” board or look at your photographer’s Instagram and see what they have done before.
  • Choose your location. This can be you and your partner’s favorite spot, a mountain outlook, or a field. There is endless ideas, but just make sure that you pick what feels right for the both of you.
  • Decide on any props you might want to use. Do you want to bring your favorite food or you and your partner’s favorite card/board game? These can be fun things to have or do that add a personal touch to your pictures.
  • Figure out you and your partner’s outfits. Do you have these items in your closet or do you need to go shopping? I would suggest picking out 1-3 outfits for the both of you, incase you’re wanting an outfit change or to have options for a backup plan.

Ready for Your engagement session is a month or so away.

Here are a few tips on some things you should start thinking about and booking:

  • Get your ring cleaned prior to your session. You’re going to want it to be all shiny and sparkley when we take those ring shots. (I suggest waiting at least a week or maybe only a couple days before your session to do this)
  • Going along with the previous tip, you’re probably going to want to get your nails done before too. Just so when we are taking the ring shots you’re not insecure about your nails. Go ahead and make that appointment for a week or a couple days before your session.
  • Figure out if you are going to do your own hair and makeup or if you want professionals to do it. Either way, when planning make sure you leave enough time between whatever you choose to do and your session. You don’t want to be rushing to get ready that day because you’re scared you’re going to be late to your pictures.

The night before and day of your engagement session.

This is where it get can get a bit stressful, but here are a few things to do to ensure that you’re ready:

  • The night before, lay out your outfits. Try them on one last time and see if they will need to be ironed or steamed. If so, go ahead and do it that night so that’s one less thing you have to worry about the next day.
  • Pack a small makeup and hair kit with necessities that you might need right before your session or during. You will probably want to make some touchups throughout your session.
  • The day of, be sure to eat something before your session, you don’t want to be hangry or light-headed while taking pictures.

I hope that you found these tips helpful and maybe calmed your nerves a little haha! Remember that this is supposed to be a fun and sweet time between the two of you. Try to just be yourselves, if there is ever a right time to be that cheesy and goofy couple, now is that time. I promise it will make for the best pictures.