Lessie McFarlane

May 9, 2022

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How To Keep Cool At A Summer Wedding

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Are you planning on having a summer wedding? If so, don’t let mother nature steal your special day!

Let’s make sure your guests don’t get overheated or dehydrated. We also want to ensure that you aren’t having sweat pour down the back of your dress or your gorgeous (probably expensive, too) makeup melting off. One of the last things you want after your wedding is your guests making comments that they were uncomfortable the whole time.

In this blog, I will be sharing some of the top tips for preventing the discomfort of summertime heat and humidity for you and your guests.

Pick An Indoor/Outdoor Venue for Summer Wedding

When choosing a venue for your wedding, a great incentive would be for it to have both an indoor and outdoor area. This way guests can have the option to either be in the outdoor space or comfortable inside in the air-conditioning. This is essential to think about if you are expecting to have older or pregnant guests, they will definitely appreciate a cooler spot to relax.

Consider Time Of Day

This might require a little bit of research, depending on if you’re familiar with the area your venue is, but I suggest seeing what hours of the day the temperatures are the highest in your chosen location. It might be helpful too to know when the sun is shining the brightest, definitely where you’re planning to have the ceremony.

Serve Refreshements During Ceremony

It’s a great idea if you know you’re going to have a hot wedding to have lots of ice water or other cool drinks easily accessible to your guests. You can even put them in stylish glasses with pretty slices of fruit if you wanted! Depending on the summer wedding style you’re going for, you can have waiters pass out the refreshments on a silver platter or just have a glass pitcher on a table for guests to go get it themselves.

Fresh Chilled Towels

Having already chilled towels ready for your guests to pick up would help to beat that extreme heat. You can create these chilled towels for your guests by rolling up hand towels, soaking them in water, and freezing them.

Use Natural Shade

Yeah, this is a pretty obvious one but I thought I’d still include it haha. Once you’ve looked at your venue and scouted the place out, try asking the venue coordinator if they can put seats and tables under the shade of trees or if they have a tent/umbrellas available for you to use to have your ceremony and/or reception under it.

Provide Cooling Items

You can really get creative with this one. When having an outdoor summer wedding, place battery-operated fans in cute decor pieces, personalized paper fans, or umbrellas scattered throughout your venue area. This will give your guests something to cool themselves with. Note: The fans can even double as wedding favors for your guests!

Rent A/C Units Or Fans

If this is a possibility for you and it fits in the budget, by all means, do it! Make sure to find fans that don’t have much noise to them so that guests can still hear the ceremony and/or speeches during the reception. Then, place them around everywhere guests will be gathering.

Sadly, having control over the weather on your wedding day is impossible. The good thing is there are lots of options for ways to control it so that your guests are still able to be comfortable. Don’t let the fear of weather or people’s opinions get to you if your heart is set on an outdoor summer wedding. It’s still doable and can definitely still be enjoyable for everyone!